Our Story

From our materials to our manufacturing learn how our 100% Made in America Military Multi-Purpose Kits

  • Maximize Readiness
  • Survivability
  • Mobility
  • Combat Effectiveness
  • Field Quality of Life

Who We Are

  • We are the link between the voice of our troops, our government and our citizens, providing the best “made in the USA” product solutions to our men and women in uniform across the range of military operations (ROMO)
  • We are a federally certified Department of Defense contractor focused on empowering our troops with mission-critical products that enhance the performance of our troops.
  • We are a team of seasoned, successful business owners, military veteran enlisted advisors whose expertise and experience span best practices across engineering, manufacturing, logistics and procurement.

What We Do

  • United Sources Sought Inc.( USS, Inc. ) specializes in providing technically superior Multifunctional Personal, Portable Kit Systems that meet all DOD specifications.
  • The USS, Inc. HEALTH & COMFORT PACK MMPK – MILITARY MULTI-PURPOSE KIT is a patented multifunctional, preconfigured kit system designed to meet the critical requirements experienced by troops in any environment.
  • All components of our Kit Systems are manufactured and sourced in the USA, undergo rigorous third party testing and are assembled by Military Veterans.
  • United Sources Sought Inc. identifies and defines unique special need requirements experienced by our troops in dynamic and uncertain environments to gain specific situational understanding upon which to build multiple option solutions.
  • Our task-oriented teams tackle those complex challenges by utilizing the direct feedback from our troops to inform our product solutions from concept through final production in compliance with all Mil Spec and DCAA processes and procedures.

How We Do It

  • USS Inc. collaborates with the best USA engineering and manufacturing companies to form strategic alliances which provide:
    • The most advanced technologies available in the US
    • Access to the newest components and/or raw materials
    • Enhanced purchasing resulting in best cost implementation
    • Competitive advantage against offshore cheaper or counterfeit products
    • Reduced cost of readiness
  • Our management team and veteran-staffed task teams quickly take new product concepts from design to production in rapid response times and deliver the highest quality products on time every time.

Our Solution

United Sources Sought, Inc. has designed a patented MIL Spec Military Kit System that was developed based upon direct feedback from Commanding Generals, our men and women in active duty within the Army, Marines and Armed Forces. This direct feedback from the field defined what has become a compact system housed in a moisture proof, puncture resistant pouch able to withstand rigorous use and harsh environmental variables. USS Inc. listened, developed, tested and delivered the highest quality solution to our Armed Forces in record turnaround time of less than a year from start to finish.

All components of the Kit System are manufactured exclusively in the USA and assembled exclusively by Veterans.

Our work force is comprised of Veterans from all walks of life whose contribution continues to enhance all of our lives.